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 " This So simple, Anyone can learn how to perform this Secret meditation In One night, and it Truly Works! "

 This 15 minute audio lesson teaches a lost silent mind 
meditation for manifesting your every desire.
You will receive the highest quality mp3 spoken word recording narrated by Mercari

This is the same information I teach private clients attending my highest level mediatation seminars.

 Listen and learn on your computer,  from your portable digital audio player,
 or even access and play it from your web enabled cell phone.

Get started Tonight and begin manifesting your tomorrow most effectively.

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" I have studied law of attraction for many years and must say that my meditations
have been so vivid and are now clearly manifesting faster than I ever imagined possible, Thank you Mercari,
This knowledge is priceless information" Jean T. Oregon

" Merry Meet Mercari!  Again I am blown away again by your strange unknown wisdoms.
I have used the I love you, I'm sorry, please forgive me, and Thank you secret phrase in my minds eye for over a year now...
I never imagined  there could be an even more effective way to focus my energy before I sleep at night,
Namaste, "  Bernard K.  Nebraska

" WE LOVE YOU Mercari! I shared the mp3 with my best friends and they thought I was crazy!
They both tried it for a few nights and are now seeing the same effects happening!
All of our little test wishes are coming True! This is So Nuts! " We love you !!!! Marie, Val, and Shelly, London UK

"Every now and again I used to get down and frustrated by techniques I have learned and failed at,
I tried yoga, Qui gong, and even went to India last summer to take mediation classes.
I wish I could go back to all my teachers and ask them why they do not teach This!  
An amazing secret indeed Mercari. Thank you with Love and infinite light."Trent B. Isle of man UK

"Thank you Mercari, anyone who passes this lesson up just isn't ready to let go of past programming, less truly is more.
Great job on the recording, I look forwards to meeting you in person some day."  J.Spencer PsyD. Michigan

"Greetings Mercari, when I got your email telling me about our universal changes It gave me chills.
I've been noticing the changes around me and really needed some uplifting confidence as to what the heck is going on!
At first I didnt want to buy it thinking it would be another spell or something that I aready knew about the secret movie.
I am so glad I listened to my gut! I beleive in the work we did together before and saw changes over time but this is like a real magick.
I swear I will never doubt you again and will follow this method for the rest of my life.  I am in such gratitude my words cant tell you.
Share this with the world Mercari!!! You are a great gift to all that is going on,
 and a lifting spirit to help others like you do. Blessings be." Mary Beth W. Sydney New South Wales, Australia

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